Investing with Anderson Creek Trading, LLC

Managed Account Structure
Custody of the account always remains with you, the investor.  ACT is hired to manage trading decisions for your account, and never accepts funds directly for investing.  Investors can choose the Futures Clearing Merchant (FCM) of their choice, or we can help guide you through that process if needed.

There are three primary parties:

  1. You, the account owner / investor;
  2. The FCM where you open your segregated account.  An Introducing Broker is sometimes involved in opening your account.
  3. Anderson Creek Trading, LLC, the CTA firm hired to manage trading decisions for your account.

Using a managed account structure means the investor never transfers property to the manger and is always able to directly monitor activity in the account.

No Lockup
There is no lock-up period with ACT.  We are hired to service your account at your discretion.  You have the power to end that partnership whenever you see fit.  Of course our goal is to provide valuable service over the long-term.

ACT trades in liquid exchange-listed futures markets, generally allowing assets to be converted to cash quickly.

All positions and trades ACT places on behalf of the account are transparent.  Your FCM, not ACT, reports all activity daily and monthly on account statements sent directly to you from the FCM.

ACT charges a management and performance fee for managing the trading decisions of the account.  Management fees are based on Assets Under Management (AUM).  Incentive or performance fees are based on a percentage of net new profits earned for the account.  This places our interests directly in line with yours.  ACT bills your account directly by sending invoices to your FCM or Introducing Broker.  Performance composites on this site are net of all fees charged to the account by ACT and other charges such as FCM transaction costs.  ACT does not receive any share of transaction costs charged by FCMs for executing orders, and therefore has absolutely zero incentive related to trading frequency.  ACT’s incentive is aligned with profitability and risk management of the account.


  1. Contact us by e-mail or phone.
  2. We will discuss your needs and our process to discover if there is a match.
  3. If there is a match, we will provide for you our Disclosure Document and other relevant Client Forms.
  4. In the event you need to open a segregated account at a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), we can help with that.
  5. We begin managing trading decisions just as we do for our own proprietary and other customer accounts after appropriate paperwork is filled out giving us limited power to do so for your account.